Portraits | 

Lifestyle + Creative + Stylized

Base Price: $200, Each hour +$75 | 10 Retouched Images, 5 Color Corrected Images




Base Price: $250, Each hour +$75 | 8 Retouched Images, 5 Color Corrected Images


$100 per look | 5 Retouched Images

Events | 


Base Price: $300, Each hour +$75 | 15 Retouched Images, 7 Color Corrected Images

Parties + Social Gatherings

Base Price: $250, Each hour +$100 |  Color Corrected Images

*Each session is case by case and is subject to change


After the final images have been delivered, any additional edits to images: + $15.00 per image.

Additional unedited image: + $20 each 

Q & A

Will you travel for a shoot?

  • I will travel as far as you’d like me to as long as the costs of travel/stay/food is covered. 

I’m confused by your ‘Base Price’, if I want a 1 hour Portrait / Lifestyle session, how much is the total cost?

  • For a 1 hour portrait session your total will be $275.00. If you wanted a 2 hour session your total would be $350.00. The base price is covering my time editing, retouching and color correcting your final images. The + $75 is my hourly shoot rate. 

Can I just pay your hourly shoot rate and receive the images unedited?

  • Unfortunately no. I have built my brand up based on my editing style and would not feel comfortable having my name pinned to something I have not fully finished.

Will you work for free/credit or to build your portfolio?

  •  As a professional photographer who has earned a BFA in Photography and who has worked with numerous brands and companies - I have decided to no longer work for ‘credit’ or to ‘build my portfolio.’ To all those whom I have done this work with in the past – thank you! It has been a privilege to work with you. To those looking for work for free, I strongly suggest reaching out to a student photographer. I do understand that there may be a limited budget in some cases, and I will be happy to discuss what I can do as a case by case basis. Thank you for your understanding!

What is the difference between retouched and color corrected images?

  • A retouched image includes smoothed skin, removed blemishes/imperfections/fly-aways and includes color correction. A color corrected image fixes lighting, coloring and white balance. 

Can I have more retouched images then my package allows?

  • Yes! Each additional retouched image is + $25.00 each.