Welcome 2017

It's been a minute but I'll stop by for a brief update. It has officially been a year since I graduated from Tyler School of Art and made the move to New York City.

Currently, I am working full time for CollegeFashionista as the Social Media Editor. I get to do some photography there too but the majority of my photo work is still freelance and jammed into my weekends. Seasonal depression hasn't affected me this year... but the seasons have 100% affected my work. It's harder for me to find the motivation to work on a side project especially when I know my hands will be freezing when I'm shooting. In the next few weekends I am planning to sit down with a friend of mine and have a MASSIVE brainstorm session to get our creative juices flowing for a side project. 

I have to keep reminding myself that to achieve my dream of being a full-time freelance photographer - it takes patience, networking and time. I can't wait for the spring weather to roll around so I can start booking shoots left and right. 

Anyway... I wanted to share some recent work. Not my typical stuff, but I dabbled in some engagement photos at the end of 2016 for a close friend of mine and thought I would share some.

Where Have I Been?

I must admit the time has flown by. Ever since moving to NYC and working full-time I hardly have time to text everyone back, yet alone update this portion of my site. Here's a little snippet of the work I've been doing for the past few months. The days seem to be going by faster and the sunlight seems to come and go sooner. I am constantly reminding myself that my passion for creating imagery is my drive and the reason for my lack of sleep is worth it. 

Fairy Woodland Princess or/& European Traveler

My best friend since third grade is going on a European adventure of a lifetime and I couldn't be more excited for her. Of course I'll miss her but she'll be visiting me frequently when she returns home in a few months. We've been friends for years and I've been a photographer for 6 of those years and I can only recall three times I've gotten her to agree to get in front of the camera. The day before she left, she agreed. 

Lower East Side Hangin'

I met up with my friend Tom Budd the other day for #SundayFunday - and shot! He had never done anything like this before so we had a fun, relaxing day exploring electric and color streets in the Lower East Side. 

Enjoy, Lucy

Visit to Philly

This past weekend I went back to Philly to walk at graduation, visit with my family and my boyfriend, Nick! We went out a few times when the weather was nice and I brought my camera. Nick doesn't really like having his picture taken that much but I think he's gotten used to me.. since I'm always shooting.



Philly Phun

After the @Tribeca Film Festival ended (I'm working with their social team) I took a quick trip to Philadelphia to spend time with one of my best friends, Lindsay! She's been itching for some new photos and I've been itching to shoot! We spent the early afternoon getting lost in hidden streets in (idk what part of) Philly shooting! I was OBSESSED with some of the streets and little houses we happened upon. It set her Instagram flow straight for weeks and I got to work on some of my own stuff for a bit. I've really come to learn that photography is not only what I like doing.. but what I HAVE to do. I love every part of it. I love feeling challenged, a bit doubtful and that turning into another amazing shoot. Anyway, here are some shots from Lindsay and I getting lost in Philadelphia. 

XX, Lucy