Our Makeup Artist got hit by a 2x4

boohoo photoshoot X COLLEGEFASHIONISTA

So you're probably wondering who got hit by a 2x4 and what that has to do with a photoshoot.

Well.. here's the story!

BooHoo (a really awesome UK clothing brand that is slowly breaking into the US market) reached out to me and asked if I would photograph some of my favorite looks from their site and then attend a party they partnered withNYLON to host in NYC. phew.. what a terrible task

So of course I had a field day and picked out some really cool looks that I knew I could work with and they sent them my way! I used my gorgeous roommate Cassidy Rudman who I'm pretty sure is a secret internationally known model and with the help of my other roommate Bailey Ayers we were able to take amazing photographs while having an amazingly fun day in the city.

While we were getting Cassidy ready for the final look we took a water break in the Duane Reade around the corner and she was planning on changing her hair up. We sat in those chairs that every drug store has near their pharmacy counter and Cassidy started brushing her hair out when... a guy sitting in the chair next to us was talking on his phone. He hung up the phone and apologized for being loud and than introduced himself as a makeup and hair artist. He had a hospital band on his wrist which he explained was from a party he had been to the night before! He doesn't remember exactly what happened but he does know he was hit by a 2x4 and woke up in the hospital. He took over Cassidy's makeup bag and we bought some hair products from Duane Reade while we were there and he did an incredible job! He gave Cass a 1950's hairstyle and made her makeup very retro and vert fitting for the dress she was wearing. The makeup artist tagged along and helped us scout locations for the remainder of our shoot.

ALSO... today was the day I was filming a blog for CollegeFashionista so we got it all on film!

Check it out below

Cassidy and I had a blast at the NYLON/ BooHoo Party! Marina and The Diamonds was there and Paris Hilton hosted the after party! Cass and I had so much fun meeting new people and networking. Not a bad way to start off our first week in New York City.