17 Frenchies You Have to Follow

i can’t get over how CUTE and SQUISHY these little guys are

Every time I see a little french bulldog I want to laugh and cry at the same time. If I had to describe my lost french bulldog over the phone to someone who had never heard of the breed before I would say... "She kind of looks like a little pig but with a little E.T. in her and she looks like her face was pushed in… but she’s the cutest little creature to grace this earth.”

Since moving to New York I can NOT pass a Frenchie without squatting down and petting it. It does not matter if it’s raining, I’m in heels and I’m 20 minutes late to the office. That Frenchie WILL.BE.PET. 

Well, I’ve been French obsessed to the point where I truly think it is unhealthy. So I will try to spread some of the love I have accumulated for this kind. After spending way too many hours of hunting down the absolute squishiest Frenchie puppies, I have made a master list of the most Fabulous Frenchies you HAVE to follow. It’s a law. You just have to do it. Even if you don’t have an Instagram… you need to download the app and just follow these 17 Frenchies. You don’t even have to post anything. Just be an observer of their cuteness.

@piggyandpolly, @violet_le_frenchie, @Wilburs_World, @Miss_Molly_Frenchie @Petit_momo_frenchy, @ava_and_harper, @Kendrick_le_Frenchie,  @Lintonlegend  @Frenchbulldog_knor, @__HelloJune,  @Mickeywalker_nyc,  @lil_kush_ny  @larsthefrenchie, @__lupinthefrenchien__, @Yogafrenchie, @Littlefrenchstella @Dailydanger