outfit of the WORK dayWhat does business casual even mean?

It is always ambiguously defined. I know when I first started working at NBC this summer I asked what the dress-code was. My boss replied with "Business Casual.. but I don't even know what that means, just don't wear flip-flops."

So I decided to define my own version of business casual.

-I knew I always wanted to look cute and professional.

-If I wanted to wear spaghetti straps I made sure I had a little cardigan if I had to attend a meeting that day.

- Dress up a casual look with heels. ex) Whenever I wear jeans I would always wear jewelry and heels to counter my casual jeans.

-I always spent time in the morning doing my hair, no one walks around the office with a messy pony tail.

-Sun dresses are always a good choice.

-Never wear flip-flops unless they have beads or gems on them that make them a bit fancier.