The Truth Behind the Instagram Caption

where do we get those adorable quotes?

It took me long enough and I've finally mastered the INSTAGRAM caption. So... you have a cute fake laughing pic that you know will get 50+ likes. But what the heck do you caption it? You can't caption it "laughing" this is not a science textbook. I want to see a cute, witty caption that makes me want to retweet your Instagram.  So.... help!!!! Well here's what you do.

1) Go to 

2) Type in three key words... perferably the action going on in the photo ex. If it is a laughing photo 'Laughing" and your two other key-words should be 'cute' and 'quote'


and BAM. 

Endless options to caption your adorable instagram pic that I will most likely like and unlike just so I can like it again. You're welcome.