dove LOVE

Dove is utilizing social media as a tool of positivity. They reached out to CollegeFashionista who reached out to me to throw an event together for my friends in Philadelphia to start a conversation.

I called up a friend and asked to hold my event at his coffee shop, Caffenation. I recruited some friends to help me come up with a #rad event for Dove and CollegeFashionista. We started a Facebook event and called the event "Late-Night-Lattes."

I made some cute little jars filled with candy and confetti and threw together a cute center piece for each table in the shop. 

Sammy, the brand director from CollegeFashionista took the train in from New York to come help run the event this past Monday night.

As the girls arrived, they grabbed a latte and found a comfy spot. Sammy walked in, looking fashionable as ever met Bronx, the shop puppy and we went over some details. All the girls pulled together their chairs and we started our introductions. We talked a bit about CollegeFashionista, went around the shop and introduced ourselves and then started asking our questions. Here are some of the questions we threw out at the girls...

What exactly is Self Esteem and how do we define it?

What are things in your life that impact tour self-esteem?

Why is social media so important to our generation?

How do you overcome stuggles with self-esteem?

At this point in this discussion, the girls that were invited seemed to have a different idea than Dove would have expected. The girls were all confident, self-aware and very secure. The girls discussed how they know everything on social media is edited, photoshopped and made to look unrealistic. The discussion turned into a huge confidence booster, a spill-sesh about 'girl power' and how media needs to move on from thinking we are all down on ourselves.

The #SelfEsteemProject reinforced how proud I am of my friends. I choose to surround myself with bright, powerful and beautiful young women that only build me up everyday. 

Thanks to everyone who took the time out of their day to pop in for my event!

xx, Lucy