final thesis PHOTOGRAPHY exhibition

I'm done! My last final of my college career is on the 15th... but other than that I AM DONE. People keep asking me how it feels, and well.. I don't know yet. I think it will start to kick in when all of my friends go back to school and I'm just like "hey guys.... bye!"

So for the past year I have been preparing for my thesis show at Tyler School of Art and I am so proud and happy to say it is complete!

My series was called 'underland.'

Underland is an otherworldly realm bursting with en-
chantment and mystery, a place where our thoughts

drift when our minds seek release from reality. Each

scene is bewildering, drawing you in a step closer. 

Ordinary scenes were transformed using light and

movement to create these spaces without any digital

manipulation. These works illustrate the fantastical

dream worlds that consume our imaginations and en-
courage our limitless ingenuity.

My opening reception was on December 4th and it was such a wonderful turn out! My friends and family really made the night special for me. Thank you to everyone who came out and helped support me.