Welcome 2017

It's been a minute but I'll stop by for a brief update. It has officially been a year since I graduated from Tyler School of Art and made the move to New York City.

Currently, I am working full time for CollegeFashionista as the Social Media Editor. I get to do some photography there too but the majority of my photo work is still freelance and jammed into my weekends. Seasonal depression hasn't affected me this year... but the seasons have 100% affected my work. It's harder for me to find the motivation to work on a side project especially when I know my hands will be freezing when I'm shooting. In the next few weekends I am planning to sit down with a friend of mine and have a MASSIVE brainstorm session to get our creative juices flowing for a side project. 

I have to keep reminding myself that to achieve my dream of being a full-time freelance photographer - it takes patience, networking and time. I can't wait for the spring weather to roll around so I can start booking shoots left and right. 

Anyway... I wanted to share some recent work. Not my typical stuff, but I dabbled in some engagement photos at the end of 2016 for a close friend of mine and thought I would share some.