Are Lana Del Rey and I friends?

the governor's ball NYC music festival

*Ring Ring Ring
"I have an extra press pass to Gov Ball today, do you want it?"
"Meet me downtown in 2 hours, wear sneakers and bring your equipment."

My friend Emilio who studies theater at NYU is also gifted with photography and reached out to me asking if I would want to tag along on an assignment. I obviously said YES. We met downtown at a hotel where he had to drop off something to the producer of American in Paris... Yes I did just say that. And then we took a train to Queens... I think... dropped of a suit (because obviously Emilio was going to the Tony's after party that night) and rushed to Governor's Island just in time for us to start shooting. 

I got up close and personal with Weird Al, Lana Del Rey and The Black Keys. 

Struggles of that day:

1) Running back and forth in a field 10000 miles long is vigorous. I woke up the next day with a HUGE bruise on my hip from my camera smacking me while I tried to keep up with Emilio's speed. 

2) People HATE press photographers. Attempting to cut through the crowd to get the stage is actually like the final scene of Game of Thrones. 

3) WAAATER. I sounded like spongebob drying out on that desk under the lamp by the end of the day.

Perks of that day:

1) HELLOO.. I was soo close to Black Keys and Weird Al that I am pretty sure they spit on me multiple times.

2) We got free cocktails of course in the press suite.

3) It was FREE

Hey Emilio... next time you need to get rid of another ticket... call me up!

photos from Gov Ball are below